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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 123

May / Jun 1990

Korea- Land of Morning Calm
- Jane Elmer-Smith

Jane Elmer-Smith writes about pottery making in Ichon

Sarah Scampton
- Eileen Lewenstein

Eileen Lewenstein investigates the mysteries of these human vessels

Selling- A Potters Guide
- Jenny Finch

Jenny Finch relates her experiences

Anthony Phillips- Metropolitan Potter
- Anthony Phillips

This highly respected maker explains his methods


The genuine look can be quite false - Ceramic Review enquiries within

Ceramics and Education
- Mark Draper

The Pier Project

From Pots to Art
- Matthias Ostermann

Matthias Ostermann's work has moved out of the living room

Songs of Clay
- Eric Mandaville

Eric Mandaville discovers Ward Hartenstein's ceramic instrument sculptures

Glaze Problems- Iron Blues
- Derek Emms

Derek Emms gives recipes for Iron Blue glazes


Pieces from the CPA associate exhibition

A Potter's Day
- Phil Rogers

Phil Rogers opens his diary