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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 135

May / Jun 1992

A Soda Vapour Kiln
- Julian Malins

Julian Malins tells how to make a soda vapour kiln

Talking Pots
- Janice Tchalenko

Janice Tchalenko talks to Jane Hamlyn about making pots today

Van Tau Cargo

Christie's Auction 17th century Chinese Ceramics

The Enigma of Glaze
- Paul Davis

Useful recipes

Making the most of a late start
- Alan Ball

Alan Ball describes his progress

The Power of the Imagination

Painters making pots

Tradition and Invention in Contemporary Ceramics
- Ronald Kuchta

Ronald Kuchta considers the direction of contemporary work

Landscape, Colour and Clay
- Gordon Cooke

Gordon Cooke reveals his ideas and techniques

A Potters Day
- Vinitha McWhinnie

Vinitha McWhinnie describes a typical Sunday