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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 161

Sep / Oct 1996

Fire and Fibre
- Fil Cooke, Maggie Cooke

Fil and Maggie Cooke build and fire a raku kiln

Wicked but Witty
- Julia Schrader

Julia Schrader's mixed media ceramics

Lasting Values
- Mike Dodd

Mike Dodd places Jim Malone's pots in a modern context

Telling Tales with Technology
- Josie Walter
The Marer Collection
- Julia Pitts

Julia Pitts enjoys a touring show of American ceramics

Ceramic Bells
- Nancy E Hall

Nancy E Hall describes how she makes her musical chimes

Fibrous Clay: Some History
- James Danisch

James Danisch reveals surprising facts about clay and fibre

A Quality of Stillness
- Peter Lane

Peter Lane sets out the background to his current work

Prize Possessions

A survey of Jerwood Prize contestants

Elegance With Utility
- Bryn Youds

Bryn Youds outlines the achievements of ceramic designer Susie Cooper

A Potter's Day
- Carol McNicoll

Carol McNicoll pots in London