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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 201

May / Jun 2003

Ceramic Review Issue 201


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Details of the major ceramics festivals and fairs in the UK this summer

The Great Escape
- Josie Walter

Sean Miller explains his passion for slip-decorated earthenware. Josie Walter reports

Room 138
- Alun Graves

Ceramics curator Alun graves gives a first-hand view of the V&A's collection

Raising a Smile
- Julia Pitts

Julia Pitts mets figurative sculptor Jane Muir

Bucking the Trend
- Emma Maiden

Emma Maiden talks to Susan Daniel McElroy, director of Tate St Ives

Leach- The Biography
- Emmanuel Cooper

Seven years in the making, Emmanuel Cooper previews his new book

Production Values
- Philip Hughes, Andrew Wicks

The tactile tablewares of slipcasting designer maker Andrew Wicks, plus a critical overview from Phillip Hughes

Now Showing
- Phil Rogers, Jane Perryman

New work from Phil Rogers and Jane Perryman in London this summer

German Ceramics 1900 - 2000

Ceramic Review looks at a recent exhibition tracing the evolution of contemporary ceramics in Germany

Anagama Five
- John Butler

Students at Harrow find themselves hooked on the all-consuming spectacle of wood-firing kilns, John Butler sets the scene

Ways with Fibre
- Nicola Rounagh

Nicola Rounagh explains the use of nylon fibres in creating her giant, paper-thin vessels

a potter's day:
Ian Muchmore
- Suzanne Jarman

Ian Muchmore in Weston-super-Mere

Brian Sewell
- Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell on ceramics, art history and criticism