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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 231

May / Jun 2008

Ceramic Review Issue 231


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Things Beastly

Things Beastly' at the Flow Gallery, London

New Territories

American potter Ani Kasten draws inspiration from her travels

Infinite Horizon
- Vincent McGourty

Vincent McGourty places the sculptures of Xavier Toubes in context

Structure and Surface
- J. Lynn Fraser

J. Lynn Fraser pieces together Gertraud Mohwald's ceramic assemblages

Alive and Aware
- Claudia Clare

Claudia Clare finds much to ponder in Jennifer Lee's new vessels

living tradition:
On the Tiles
- Michael Rice

Michael Rice reports on the diminishing role of the Kashikars in Pakistan

opening doors:

Peter Biddulph outlines the development of a new body of work

Chattering Classes

Colin Forno explores decorative turning methods

Colouring Oxides

Mike Bailey fires metal oxides in an electric kiln

a potter's day:
A Potter's Day

Tanya Gomez finds inspiration en route to her studio in Shoreham

off centre:
Off Centre
- Love Jonsson

Love Jonsson discusses China's developing involvement with western ceramics

Iron in the Soul
- Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers finds much to enjoy in Kirsten Coelho's porcelain tableware

review feature:
Visual Stories
- Christy Johnson

Christy Johnson discusses an American exhibition exploring female form