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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 234

Nov / Dec 2008

‘Diverse Practices'

Diverse Practices' at Barrett Marsden Gallery, London

review feature:
California Clay
- Elaine Levin

Elaine Levin finds subtle associations between the work of two artists

Clay Alchemy
- Janet Mansfield

Janet Mansfield savours a potter's tour of Thailand

Ceramics at Art School 2008

This year's UK graduates are rounded up for Ceramic Review's annual survey

Future Ceramists
- Adam Ross

A Northern school that is leading the way in ceramics education

Pyramids of Makkum

Modern interpretations of traditional seventeenth century flower pyramids

Still Learning
- Margaret Crump

Margaret Crump meets Graham Newing, a potter still learning after fifty years

Out of Africa

Ardmore Ceramic Studio, South Africa, combines African and western traditions

Golden Bridge Pottery
- Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards discovers a potter's paradise in India

Local Clays and Wood Ashes Part 1
- Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey explains how to use raw materials

mould making:
Plaster of Paris
- Oelof Heckroodt

Oelof Heckroodt offers an in-depth guide to using Plaster of Paris

potter's day:
A Potter's Impression
- Ursula Morley Price

Ursula Morley Price reveals how her first encounter with the work of Hans Coper inspired her to work with clay

off centre:
- Christopher J Willoughby

Christopher J Willoughby continues the potter/ceramic artist debate