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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 250

Jul / Aug 2011

Ceramic Review Issue 250


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A Dane on Loch Eriboll
- Giles Sutherland

Giles Sutherland unveils the romance and virtue of Lotte Glob's retrospective

Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for my Honey...
- Melissa Gamwell

Melissa Gamwell enthuses over the fantastical world of Tessa Eastman

Looking Back
- Ben Boswell

Ben Boswell reveals his love of pottery through a series of intimate photographs

Swirling Movements and Illusions of Growth
- Amanda Fielding

Amanda Fielding discusses the work of Fenella Elms, the CR Award winner at CAL 2011

Tokyo Pop in Clay
- Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips reveals Yoshitomo Nara's new-found appreciation for clay

Thrown for a Loop
- Vera Sideraki

Vera Sideraki observes both ancient and modern in the work of Kyriaki Gerontaki

Figuration & Abstraction
- Adina Balint-Babos

Adina Balint-Babos contemplates the exceptional sculptures made by Susan Collett

Potters & Painters
- Sonia Solicari

Sonia Solicari examines the close relationship between ceramics and the Aesthetic Movement

Learning in the Shadow of Leach
- John Mahoney-Phillips

John Mahoney-Phillips reports on his apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery, St Ives

The Origins of Clay
- Oelof Heckroodt

Oelof Heckroodt shares his knowledge of clay

potters day:
The Technician's Day
- Pauline Monkcom & Caroline Taylor

Pauline Monkcom and Caroline Taylor share their experiences of working in a ceramics department

off centre:
- Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood gets his views across on the UK ceramics scene