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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 252

Nov / Dec 2011

Accidental Compositions
- Jo Davies

Jo Davies explores the contrasting motifs in Sophie MacCarthy's work

Graphic Pots
- Amanda Game

Amanda Game considers the graphic elements in Grayson Perry's work

Intimate Humanity
- Ashley Howard

Ashley Howard reveals the language of drawing for Magdalene Odundo

Leaving the Corporate World

Lawrence Epps chooses clay to make a statement about corporate culture

Texts from the Past
- Zahed Tajeddin

Zahed Tajeddin tells us of his work on a recently opened ‘envelop tablet'

After College - Finding a Way Forward
yellow glazes
- Linda Bloomfield
crafty tools
potters day:
potters day
off centre:
off centre
education sup.:
Made in Britain
- Rosy Greenlees

Rosy Greenlees discusses the importance of ceramics education

education sup.:
For Discussion
- Jack Tan & James Rigler

Jack Tan and James Rigler respond to the question of ceramics education

education sup.:
Heritage of Harrow

A tribute to Harrow's famed ceramics course

education sup.:
What Next!

Phillippa Sue Whiteside is excited by the thought of what comes next

education sup.:
After the MA

Tina Neale reflects on the changes and developments in her work

education sup.:
Learning Through Apprenticeship