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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 262

Jul / Aug 2013

Ceramic Review Issue 262


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Richard Phethean
- Andy Horn

The new work of Richard Phethean is contextualised by Andy Horn

Tanya Gomez
- Kimberley Chandler

The sublime provides the catalyst for Tanya Gomez's vessels, writes Kimberley Chandler

Ben Richardson
- Yvette Breytenbach

Yvette Bretenbach discovers the wood-fired work of Ben Richardson at a restaurant in Tasmania

John Higgins
- Deborah de Beer

Friend, colleague and gallerist Deborah de Beer profiles the work of John Higgins

Richard & Lucy Heeley
- Richard & Lucy Heeley

Richard Heeley and his wife Lucy Heeley created H&H to showcase both British ingredients and craftsmanship

Jo Taylor
- Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson explores Jo Taylor's sinuous thrown forms

Gareth Mason
- Gareth Mason

Gareth Mason shares a very personal take on the experience of throwing

Gareth Mason
- Gareth Mason

Gareth Mason puts theory into practice with his step-by-step guide to throwing

Richard Phethean
- Richard Phethean

Richard Phethean talks us through slip painting on an oval teapot

Virginia Scotchie
- Virginia Scotchie

Virginia Scotchie throws sculptural forms on the wheel using parts and pieces. Here, she shows us how

clay particles
- Oelof Heckroodt

Ever wondered about the characteristics of clay particles? Oelof Heckroodt explains why clay acts the way it does

potters day:
working alongside Laure Prouvost
- Adam Sutherland

Adam Sutherland shares his experience of working alongside artist Laure Prouvost to realise her Turner Prize-nominated project

off centre:
ceramics & dentistry
- Andrew Dawood

Andrew Dawood draws a parallel between ceramics and dentistry