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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 286

July / August 2017

Ceramic Review Issue 286


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A voyage of discovery
- Alex McErlain

We visit Kyra Cane in her studio to hear about the relationship between the landscape, drawing and her ceramics

Emotional metaphors
- Andy Christian

Reflecting on ceramic artist Claire Curneen's work, influences and her recent award-winning porcelain sculptural assemblage, Tending the Fires

Ceramics Ireland 40 years on
- Frances McDonald

Ahead of a new exhibition showcasing the best of Irish ceramics, we look back at Ceramics Ireland's history and achievements over the last 40 years

Picasso connoisseurs
- Helen Walsh

Exploring Lord and Lady Attenborough's collection of Picasso's ceramics ahead of an exhibition at the Centre of Ceramic Art, York

Purposeful uncertainty
- Catherine Roche

Catherine Roche investigates artist Anne Gibbs' mixed media processes and her fascination with visual ambiguity

The keeper of our ceramic heritage
- Karen Bray

We interview Moira Vincentelli, who has spent her career championing ceramics, women's rights and arts education

Ceramic celebration
- Jill Piercy

We look forward to the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth this summer and celebrate its 30-year history

A place of one's own
- Katherine Caddy

From a life of finance and funerals to a blossoming career as a potter: we uncover Pip Wilcox's journey

Riding on clay horses
- Gareth Nash

Horse-obsessed ceramic artist Gareth Nash explains the historical significance of clay horses to various cultures

Talking tableware
- Colin Martin

Colin Martin reviews an exhibition of playful and political printed plates from the 19th century

Auction eye:
Auction eye
- Michael Jeffery

Michael Jeffery of Woolley & Wallis profiles Burmantofts Faience Pottery ahead of a notable auction of art pottery

Potters on pots
- Isabella Smith

Kate Malone discusses a single piece with an important relationship to her own work: a small vase by Axel Salto

Strength of form
- André Hess

André Hess previews a forthcoming show by Italian ceramist Paola Paronetto at London's Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Emerging maker:
Emerging maker
- Isabella Smith

We discover Emma Johnson's slip-cast tableware, inspired by the sharp lines and functionality of Brutalism

- Marshall Colman

Potter Marshall Colman offers his step-by-step guide to making and decorating a tin-glazed earthenware jug

Clays and glazes:
Glaze recipe
- Walter Keeler

Starting our new series on clays and glazes, Walter Keeler reveals the recipes behind his salt-glaze pots

In the spotlight
- Paul Philp

We focus on sculptural vessels by Paul Philp that display his midernist and geological influences