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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 116

Mar / Apr 1989

Pots, Politics and Culture

A report from potters 88 conference

Achieving Agate
- Paul Philp

Paul Philp writes about his methods of making stoneware agate

Sandy Brown- Bold, Wild and Dangerous
- Sandy Brown

The potter writes of her way of making

Art and Craft: a Dichotomy of Falsehood
- Paul Greenhalgh

Paul Greenhalgh takes a thoughtful look at the issues behind the current debate

Dart Pottery- Colour from the Quarry
- Stephen Course

Stephen Course gives the facts behind the renaissance of colour in this Devonshire pottery

Nancy Angus- Myth and Magic
- Nancy Angus

Her latest work in colour

Some squirming along the Way
- John Chalke

John Chalke writes of his work and philosophy

Michael Cardew

A new exhibition of slipware at Stoke-on=Trent

Changing Glazes
- Tony Hansen

Tony Hansen gives useful advice

A Potter's Day
- David Winkley

David Winkley working in Somerset