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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 117

May / Jun 1989

China- Ten Years On
- Christine-Anne Richards

Christine-Anne Richards writes about her latest visits to China

Self Help at Kitwood Boys School
- Geoffrey Lee

Geoffrey Lee on an enterprise initiative

Angus Suttie on Traditions
- Angus Suttie
Carol McNicoll- Slip-caster Extraordinary
- Eileen Lewenstein

Eileen Lewenstein reports

Retwining Stray Stands
- James Campbell

James Campbell describes his return to pottery

In Praise of Direct Selling
- Phillippa Aston

Phillippa Aston on a special sale weekend

Colour and Texture in Bodies and Slips
- Christopher Selwood

Experiments in Australia

Ceramics in the Royal Museum of Scotland
- Godfrey Evans
William De Morgan

The exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Pit Firing
- Barry Hayes

Barry Hayes writes of the methods he uses

For the Tree of the Field is Life
- Nora Kochavi, Naomi Bitter

Nora and Naomi describe the development of their trees

A Potter's Day
- Anna Lambert

Anna Lambert in Stroud, Gloucestershire