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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 120

Nov / Dec 1989

A Potter's Day
- Sheila Casson
Janet Leach
- Emmanuel Cooper

Emmanuel Cooper assesses the work of this major potter

Esperanza Romero

New work

Traditions and Millstones
- Paul Greenhalgh

Paul Greenhalgh argues for a wider understanding of the Ancient Greeks

Slip Decorating Techniques Part 2
- Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert describes working with wet slip

Geoffrey Whiting
- David Whiting

A personal account by his son David

Pamela Mei-Yee Leung
- Lindsey Hoole

Lindsey Hoole looks at her intriguing figurative sculptures

Scandinavian Ceramics at the V&A
Henry Hammond
- Sebastian Blackie

Appreciation by Sebastian Blackie

Alkaline Glaze Problems
- Harry Fraser

Harry Fraser gives advice