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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 121

Jan / Feb 1990

Experimental Wood Fired Kiln
- Dennis Farrell

Dennis Farrell outlines the kilns built at Harrogate College of Arts and Technology

Figurative Forms
- Christie Brown

Christie Brown gives an inside view of her latest work

Fantastic Figures of Ocumicho
- Joe Molinaro
Subliminal Influences
- Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson recalls a student's visit

Pierre Bayle
- Pierre Bayle

Superb smoke fired earthenware

Pots from the Sea
- Stephen Munday

Stephen Munday went diving and tells of his discoveries

Painting with Vitreous Slips
- Geoffrey Eastop

Geoffrey Eastop reveals his secrets

Calculating Glazes
- John Veg Mitchell

A quick method described by John Veg Mitchell

Getting in Touch- Pottery as Therapy
- Debbie Hull

Debbie Hull relates her experiences

A Potter's Day
- Mike Levy