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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 125

Sep / Oct 1990

Japan Visit
- Audrey Swartz

Audrey Swartz describes a valuable learning experience

- Frank Hamer

Frank Hamer sings the praises of this versatile material

Ray Finch and Winchcombe Pottery
- Ray Finch, Eileen Lewenstein

Ray Finch recalls a 1938 potters day and shows how he throughs a jug. Eileen Lewenstein reports on Winchcombe today

Richard Slee- Craft Potter
- John Berry

John Berry investigates

David Leach
- W A Ismay

W A Ismay traces the potter from Cornwall to Devon

Drawing by Throwing
- Barbara Tipton

Barbara Tipton gives a new meaning to the word flatware

A Potter's Day
- Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis at work