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Ceramic Review Issue 320

March/April 2023

Ceramic Review Issue 126

Nov / Dec 1990

Vladimir Tsivin
- Eileen Lewenstein

Eileen Lewenstein writes about this Russian ceramist and his work

Releasing the Imagination
- Michael Casson

Michael Casson on the challenge of function

Jill Dick- Potter
- Pat Brothwick

Pat Brothwick considers the career and work of this earthenware potter

Pit Firing
- Peter Gibbs

New Zealand potter Peter Gibbs describes the methods he and Julie Warren use

Yemeni Pottery
- Syliva Hyman

Syliva Hyman in search of pots in Yemen

Chinese Copper Red Glazes
- Nigel Wood

Nigel Wood explains some of the mysteries

David Leach Making a Teapot
- David Leach
Ways of Working With Clay
- Alice Bree

Alice Bree gives her fine art approach

A Potter's Day
- Ruth King

Ruth King's day in Yorkshire