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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 130

Jul / Aug 1991

Reassessing Wedgewood
- Neil French

Neil French considers the man and his achievements

The Elemental and the Mysterious
- Antonia Salmon

Antonia Salmon writes of her approach to clay

More Paper Kilns
- Sebastian Blackie

Sebastian Blackie describes further developments of this technique

Fired with Coal
- Peter Smith

Peter Smith explains why he favours coal for firing

Lime Popping
- Harry Fraser

Harry Fraser tells how Potclays are well on the way to solving the problem

Patrick Sargent- Potter of Conviction
- Alec McErlain

Alec McErlain on his admiration of Sargents wood fired wares

Expert Analysis
- Mike Bailey, David Hewitt

Mike Bailey and David Hewitt interpret analysis of pottery materials

Potters of the Languedoc
- Cherryl Searle

Cherryl Searle writes of her enthusiasm for the pots of this region of France

Working with Saltglaze Part I1
- Peter Meanley

Peter Meanley gives the background to his working methods and ideas

A Communal Potters Studio
A Potter's Day
- Lesley Coulson

Lesley Coulson lives and pots in Devon and teaches in Dartmoor Prison