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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 131

Sep / Oct 1991

Working with Saltglaze Part II
- Peter Meanley

Peter Meanley reveals more details of his firing method

Forms for the Time Being
- Elspeth Owen

Elspeth Owen reports on the International Potters Festival, Aberystwyth

Plotting your Path
- Geoffrey Eastop

Geoffrey Eastop looks back on his work as a potter

Woodfire Survey 1900
- Robert Sanderson, Coll Minogue

Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson summarise their findings

The Grand Opera of Pots and Food
- Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown argues that pots and food make ideal partners

Beginning to Lose your Tail
- Emmanuel Cooper

Emmanuel Cooper appreciates Clive Bowen's slip decorated earthenware

Philip Eglin- Beauty of Continuities
- Tanya Harrod

Tanya Harrod investigates Philip Eglin's new work

The Lure of Wood Ash Glazes
- Philip Rogers

Phil Rogers identifies the delights of working with wood ash

International Conference Shigaraki
- Maggie Angus Berkowitz

Maggie Berkowitz writes about the event

Japan Festival 1991

A users guide

A Potter's Day
- Tony Ogogo

Tony Ogogo pots in Southall, London