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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 133

Jan / Feb 1992

A Stall with A View
- Ifigenia Simonovic

Ifigenia Simonovic sees the world from Covent Garden Market

Finnish Diet
- David Howard Jones

David Howard Jones reports on a stimulating raku conference in Finland

Pottery and the Physically Disabled
- Freda Notley

Freda Notley describes the enthusiasm at the Clifford Brooke Day Centre, Leeds

Ceramics at Auction
- Emmanuel Cooper

Emmanuel Cooper investigates

Ann Roberts - Idea and Image
- Gloria Hickey, Ann Roberts

Gloria Hickey appreciates the work. Ann Roberts gives an inside view

Simplicity Itself- Underglaze Colours Explained
- Frank Hamer

Frank Hamer brushes up our knowledge

Mingei- The Living Tradition in Japanese Art
- Bernard Leach

Bernard Leach on the origins of Mingei

Multilingual Potters

International vocabulary

Contemporary Treasures

Collecting in the Twentieth Century

An Indian Potting Tradition
- Emily Myers

Emily Myers takes a look

A Potter in Ireland
- Louis Mulcahy
A Potter's Day
- Nina Zanger

Nina Zanger pots in Israel