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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 132

Nov / Dec 1991

Igbara Odo Pottery Commune
- Jan Kiesel

Jan Kiesel describes the pot making method of this Nigerian commune

Electricity- Friend or Foe

Ceramic Review investigates

Altered Forms
- John Pollex

John Pollex writes about his new colourful earthenware

International Perspective
- Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs appraises the Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Exhibition

Clamp Firing
- UD Nock

UD Nock reports on a weekends learning experience

Claudi Cassonovas
- Eileen Lewenstein

Eileen Lewenstein admires the work of this individual potter - ingenious engineer

Ceramic Residency
- Jeremy James

Jeremy James describes life on the chalkface

Beyond the Dovetail

The Crafts Council loo at contemporary craft

In Praise of Song
- John Corr

John Corr reveals the secrets of three classic Chinese glazes

Northern Potters Camp 1991
- Moira Vincentelli

Moira Vincentelli reports

Pots go Pop

Ceramics in the age of post pop

Living Craft
- Jenny Beavan

Jenny Beavan gives her response to an exhibition event in Stuttgart

A Potter's Day
- Liz Gale

Liz Gale pots in Southampton