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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 152

Mar / Apr 1995

Joanna Constantinidis
- Josie Walter

Josie Walter writes about the work of this highly respected potter

All Fire All Flame
- Cherryl Searle

Cherryl Searle admires the raku forms of Marie-France Conduzorgues

The Grammer of Clay
- Emmanuel Cooper

Emmanuel Cooper assesses Walter Keeler's new pots

Pure Porcelain
- Piet Stockmans

Piet Stockmans, artist, designer and teachers, gives an inside perspective

Unearthing History
- W D Klemperer

W D Klemperer reports on recent ceramic finds

A Paper Kiln
- Patrick Malcolm Smith

Patrick Malcolm Smith describes his paper kiln

Which Clay?
- Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett on her favourite clay

Colour and Porcelain
- Peter Lane

Peter Lane surveys current work in coloured and stained porcelain

The Vessel on Earth
- Jon Middlemiss

Jon Middlemiss considers visualisation as a source of inspiration

A Burning Question
- Brian Sutherland

Brian Sutherland experiments with unwashed wood ash

Fletcher Challenge
- Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs identifies the strength of this international exhibition

International Academy of Ceramics
- Jenny Beavan

Jenny Beavan enjoyed the 1994 ICA assembly in Prague

A Potter's Day
- Sarah Monk

Sarah Monk and Jon Williams pot in Herefordshire