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Ceramic Review Issue 321

May/June 2023

Ceramic Review Issue 153

May / Jun 1995

Ceramic Review Issue 153


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Confessions of First Time Kiln Builders
- David Beverley, Michelle Beverley

David and Michelle Beverley reveal all

Lares and Penates
- Jane McCabe

Jane McCabe writes of Ken Eastman's recent work

Releasing the Imagination
- Josie Walter

Josie Walter visits Nigel Lambert

A Sense of Place
- Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas's new work

Ceramics in South Africa
- Rodney George

Rodney George, born again potter, travels to South Africa

Minor Monuments
- Tanya Harrod

Tanya Harrod discusses Irene Winsby's pots

The Magic of Fire
- Janet Mansfield

Janet Mansfield enjoys anagama and salt

The Cardews and Fremington Pottery
- Elizabeth Jones, Vivian Jones

Elizabeth and Vivian Jones investigate

A Taste of Transition
- Peter Wain

Peter Wain reports on the Teapots of Yixing

A Potter's Day
- Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira is woken by Pussy-Willow