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Ceramic Review Issue 321

May/June 2023

Ceramic Review Issue 163

Jan / Feb 1997

Personal Possession
- Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal places Julian Stair's tablewares in a contemporary context

Saving the Family, Saving Our Sons
- Janathel Shaw

Janathel Shaw identifies the African and African American experience in her wok

Courage, Insight and Inspiration

Christine Thacker reports on the Fletcher Challenge Award exhibition 1996

Saltglaze and Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves
- Frans Gregoor

Frans Gregoor recommends siliconecarbide kiln shelves

Clay and Asphalt- the Metropolitan World of Rie and Coper
- Alison Britton

Alison Britton previews the major Barbican Art Gallery exhibition

Bonfire Brilliance
- Peter Smith

Peter Smith investigates colour in bonfire firings

The Camberwell Collection: Object Lesson
- Tanya Harrod

Tanya Harrod applauds a unique collection of crafts

Working the Earth
- Chris Carter

Chris Carter finds similarities between the farmer and the potter

Speaking in Tongues
- Lindsey Hoole

Lindsey Hoole admires Nicholas Pope's sculpture at the Tate Gallery, London

Steps and Stumbles
- Tony James Moody

Tony James Moody, a recent ceramics graduate, sets up a studio

Vessel as Vessel
- Richard Cork

Richard Cork discusses the ceramic forms of the internationally renowned sculptor Phillip King

A Potter's Day
- Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry works in London