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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 164

Mar / Apr 1997

Slip into Action
- Josie Walter

Josie Walter appreciates Mary Wondrausch's latest slip-decorated pots

International Academy of Ceramics, Japan
- Jenny Beavan, Wali Hawes

Jenny Beavan and Wali Hawes report

Complementary Medicine
- Maggie Angus Berkowitz

Maggie Angus Berkowitz completes a hospital commission

Crystalline Alchemy
- Kate Malone

Kate Malone shares the secrets of her crystalline glazes

A Kiln Conversion
- Gerry Dinnen

Gerry Dinnen creates a salt kiln from an old electric kiln

Catching Life
- Johan de Bruyne

Johan de Bruyne introduces Jose Vermeersche's figurative sculptures

In Touch With Tradition
- Emma Maiden

Emma Maiden suggests new ways of responding to our ceramic heritage

Palissy- the Other Bernard
- Janice Tchalenko

Janice Tchalenko places the work of Bernard Palissy in context

A Kiln Firing Weekend in Dorset
- Alan Ashpool

Alan Ashpool spends an enjoyable time

The Definite Article
- Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes visits David Frith at Brookhouse Pottery

Allusive Forms
- Henry Pim

Henry Pim considers the organic sculptures of Irish artist Katherine West

A Potter's Day
- Byron Temple

Byron Temple pots in Kentucky, USA