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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 227

Sep / Oct 2007

A Sense of Place

Scissors Paper Stone' at the City Art Gallery, Edinburgh

A Year Well Spent

Recent graduate Matt Smith establishes his first studio space in Brighton

On Guard

Nigel Wood anticipates the opening of China's Terracotta Army at the British Museum

going green:
Planet Earth

Sandy Brown discusses going green

going green:
Why Burn Paperclay?

The environmental benefits of working with paperclay

going green:
Sing the Body Electric

Electric kiln firing to cone 6

going green:
Global Warming

Steve Harrison explains how his family have reduced their carbon footprint

going green:
Once is Enough

Murray Cheesman argues the case for single firing

going green:
The Solar Furnace

Emmanuel Boos reports on the development of a solar-powered kiln

Subverting Form
- Amanda Fielding

Amanda Fielding admires Carina Ciscato's crisp, modernist forms

Facing Tradition
- Renee Brown

Historic American face mugs

Great Expectations
- Love Jonsson

Love Jonsson comments on the evolving work of Gitte Jungersen

Coolly Spare with Flashes of Colour
- Tim Farrington

Tim Farrington traces the career of Marisa Arna

Brain Power
- Roger Price

The ‘right brain, left brain' quiz for potters

Understanding Casting Slips
- Oelof Heckroodt

Oelof Heckroodt explains the practice and theory of casting slips

Your First Kiln

Geoff Kenward looks at the ifs and buts of buying your first electric kiln

Energy Saving with Cone 6

Mike Bailey outlines how glazes can be made to work effectively at cone 6

potter's day:
A Potter's Heritage

Lowri Davies explains how Welsh heritage influences her work

off centre:

Tanya Harrod argues that recycling is only one way of ‘going green'