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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 327


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Our round-up of key stories from the world of ceramics


CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramic exhibitions

Material conversation
- Beth Williamson

Beth Williamson reviews In the making, a solo exhibition at MIMA surveying 50 years of work by the acclaimed artist Jacqueline Poncelet

Potters on Pots:
- Anne Butler

Anne Butler reflects on technologies made obsolete through the passage of time and how these relics of the past have inspired her latest pieces

Sculptural narratives
- Annie Le Santo

Self-taught sculptor Xanthe Somers creates vibrant vessels that draw inspiration from Zimbabwean postcolonial culture. In discussion with Annie Le Santo, she explores the undercurrents behind her brightly coloured work

For the love of pots
- Andre Hess

Andre Hess delves into the world of collecting and discusses the diverse personalities behind what drives people to collect ceramics

Potter's Secrets:
- Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews reveals the influences behind his work and the techniques he uses to create one of his raku-fired lidded pots

Democratic ceramics
- Jane Audas

From sanitaryware to saucers, Robin Levien has designed ceramics for companies worldwide. Jane Audas takes us behind the scenes of his studio

One to Watch:
- Bert Jones

Bert Jones shares his joy in crafting elegant domestic ware and the art of functionality

Glaze Recipe:
- Matthew Blakely

Matthew Blakely embraces nature's surprises and shares discoveries from his elemental explorations, unveiling his Chun glaze recipe

Curator's Choice:
- Tanya Martin

Tanya Martin, curator of the Stradling Collection in Bristol, has chosen The Goat by Margaret Hine