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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 237

May / Jun 2009

Ceramic Review Issue 237


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A Table of Treats

Spring at Lund Gallery', North Yorkshire

Thought Forms
- Jo Dahn

Jo Dahn finds much to contemplate in the work of Swedish artist Eva Hild

A Special Place
- Lucy Freers

Lucy Freers visits nine potters working at Gaolyard Pottery in St Ives, Cornwall

Low Tech, High Skills
- John Edgeler

John Edgeler admires Sean and Vici Casserley's domestic slipware

Garden Theatre
- Simon Olding

Simon Olding is enchanted by Jonathan Garrett's dramatic outdoor installations

Endings and Beginnings
- Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien looks back at the history of Abuja Pottery in Nigeria, Africa

A Fine Balance
- Justine Gaunt

Justine Gaunt explores Judith Davies's figurative forms and subtle vessels

Colouring Glaze
- Louisa Taylor

Louisa Taylor mixes commercial stains with metal oxides

Macro-crystalline Glazes
- Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey investigates the mysteries of crystalline glazes

potter's day:
A Potter's Spain
- Katy Shepherd

Since establishing a studio in Spain, Katy Shepherd has found herself inspired by the sounds, textures and light of the Spanish mountains

off centre:
- Andy Christian

Andy Christian explains why he believes it is not yet time to write an obituary for the crafts