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Ceramic Review Issue 325

January/February 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 266

Mar / Apr 2014

Ceramic Review Issue 266


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pride of place:
- Yvonna Demczynska

Yvonna Demczynska on a contemporary Dutch vessel

All in the Genes
- Joanna Bird

Joanna Bird discusses a new site-specific ceramic installation by Jacob van der Beugel at Chatsworth

West Country Ways
- Peter Smith

An overview of the North Devon Pottery Festival

A Culrural Project
- Paola Casta

ARGINET, a European cultural project

Colectivo 1050º
- Diego Mier y Terán

The work of Mexico's Colectivo 1050º

To Throw
- Holly Corfield Carr

A lyrical review of the British Ceramics Biennial

Where Strange Things Start to Happen
- Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson draws our attention to the diverse works of Zoe Lloyd

Making Cups for People
- Kevin de Choisy

Kevin de Choisy discusses Kate Wilson's 445-cup installation and war-related ceramics

Raw Talent
- Lindsey Brown

The life and powerful pots of Danish ceramist Hans Vangsø, explored by Lindsey Brown

A Glimpse Inside
- Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh takes us behind the scenes of Matthew Darbyshire: WA Ismay Collection

A Marriage of Art & Science
- John Christian

John Christian helps us discover the experiences influencing Peter Smith's practice

Broadening the Mind
- Andy Christian

The prominence of clay at the 55th Venice Biennale, writes Andy Christian, is significant

Slip Trailing
- Dylan Bowen

Dylan Bowen shares his love of slip

Opalescent Chun-style Glazes
- Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield explains recipes and methods

Salt Glaze
- Ruth King

Ruth King's salt glazing approach, tips, and firing schedule

a potter's day:
- Elaine Henderson

Meet Scotland's ‘last Ceramics student'

off centre:
- Dr Chris Bell

Dr Chris Bell contemplates how he, a scientist and physicist, approaches ceramics

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