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Ceramic Review Issue 321

May/June 2023

Ceramic Review Issue 268

July / August 2014

Ceramic Review Issue 268


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Pride of Place:
- Robert Yellin

The joy four sake vessels have given Robert Yellin

Crafts & Football
- Saffron Wynne

Devon Guild of Craftsmen links crafts and football clubs

International Film Festival on Crafts
- Marta Donaghey

The Montpellier-based 9th International Film Festival on Crafts

The Beauty of the Bowl
- Dr Walter H Lokau

The allure of Ipek Kotan's restrained vessels, discussed by Dr Walter H Lokau

Transcending Tradition
- Hyeyoung Cho

Hyeyoung Cho on South Korea's contemporary ceramics scene and seven of its young artists

John Reeve: The Unknown Craftsman
- Alex Lambley

Alex Lambley illuminates the life and work of the late John Reeve

Look Until You Feel
- Andre Hess

Rafael Pérez's abstract sculptural forms, expounded by Andre Hess

From There to Here
- Chris Keenan

Chris Keenan signposts the key moments on his path to becoming a potter

The Deshi's Journey
- Euan Craig

Euan Craig shares the lasting impact of his sensei and study in humility

Jug Making
- Alistair Young

Alistair Young's step by step process for creating a jug

Carving & Facetting Vessels
- Emily Myers

How Emily Myers carves and facets pots

A Designer's Project:
- Einat Kirschner

Einat Kirschner's material-led project, CeraMetal

- Tauras Stalnionis

What is design? Tauras Stalnionis deliberates the question