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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 301

January/February 2020

In the service of ceramics
- Isabella Smith

Isabella Smith speaks to Lisa Hammond MBE, potter and founder of Adopt a Potter and Clay College, to discover how she keeps all her plates spinning

In the Spotlight

CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramics exhibitions

Ceramics and Orientalism
- Colin Martin

Colin Martin visits Inspired by the East at the British Museum to learn more about the impact the Islamic world has had on Western art and ceramics in particular

Progressing together
- Clara Rose Chivers

Clara Rose Chivers caught up with Ostinelli&Priest to find out more about their ceramic sculptures, making process and latest creations

Potters on pots
- Mary Rich

Travels to Cairo and China and the pleasure of meeting Lucie Rie led Mary Rich to aspire to be a potter and create porcelain pieces decorated with geometric patterns

Christmas delights

Looking for a last-minute festive treat for a pottery-loving friend or family member? Take a look at our selection of ceramic-related gifts

Making dishes for MasterChef
- Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield finds out how chef Oli Martin turned to potters Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore to create tableware for his dishes for MasterChef: The Professionals

Natural history
- Ysanne Brooks

A career in archives has informed Elaine Bolt’s making but it is her love of the landscape of the Sussex coast that has seen her work take a more sculptural direction

Beyond the vessel

Major exhibition Beyond the Vessel demonstrates how ancient mythology in various cultures has echoed down generations and inspired a new wave of ceramic art

In the spotlight

We focus on the illustrative ceramics of Jill Fanshawe Kato