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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 302

March/April 2020

Ceramic Review Issue 302


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CR50 Competition

Find out about our writing competition, launched to celebrate Ceramic Review’s 50th anniversary

In the Spotlight

CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramics exhibitions

Ceramics at the edge
- Dr Helen Walsh

Dr Helen Walsh reviews a new show at York Art Gallery featuring many of Gillian Lowndes’ unseen ceramic pieces

Connecting with clay
- Andre Hess

Andre Hess discovers more about the work of Ingrid Murphy, which has taken clay beyond pots, tableware, craft and art and into a realm of exploration

One giant leap for ceramics
- Tony Quinn

Tony Quinn discusses how he believes it is time to give ceramics education a reboot and open up the community to more opportunities

Gallery life
- David Whiting

David Whiting recounts the life of Peter Dingley MBE who passed away in 2018, donating his ceramics collection to be sold in aid of charity

Hands-on architecture
- Oliver Lowenstein

Ceramics are on the rise in architecture. Oliver Lowenstein looks at a recent exhibition at the Building Centre, London

Emerging Maker:
One to watch
- Elliott Denny

We spoke to Elliott Denny, a potter inspired by the history of industrial lathe turning, to learn more about the influences behind his functional and sculptural work

Glaze Recipe
- Linda Bloomfield

Linda Bloomfield shares the tips and recipes from a glaze talk that Emmanuel Cooper gave in the mid 2000s

Curator's Choice
- Moira Vincentelli

Moira Vincentelli takes her pick from Aberystwyth University’s Ceramic Collection