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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 317



Our round-up of key stories from the world of ceramics

Disfigured dialoges
- Isabel Andrews

Jessica Harrison creates unusual sculptural pieces that confront controversial subjects. Isabel Andrews discovers the influences behind her work


CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramic exhibitions

Pitch perfect porcelain
- Colin Martin

Colin Martin highlights the Australian potter Kirsten Coelho’s Uncertain Cadence exhibition at The Scottish Gallery

Potters Secrets:
Callum Trudgeon

Callum Trudgeon was an apprentice at the Leach Pottery in St Ives for eight years. He shares the making and decorating processes he used to create this multiple glazed jar

Fluid forms
- Jane Audas

Isralei-based artist Moran Trabelsi tells Jane Audas how she got started in ceramics and uses social media to reach her growing audience

Potter's on Pots:
Ashley Howard

Ashely Howard shares the influences that have shaped his practice and in particular, the impact Colin Pearson has had on his approach to clay

The magician's trick
- Paul Scott

Ellen Bell reviews Paul Scott’s latest exhibition, a new collection of blue and white transferware that feature hard-hitting political messages on American history

Everyday elegance
- Annie Le Santo

Emma Lacey is produces timeless and durable ceramic wares. She spoke to Annie Le Santo about her creative journey and the importance of longevity

Opportunity for change
- Jessica Browne

Ceramic Review’s Jessica Browne caught up with the Leach Pottery, to learn about its apprenticeship scheme and exciting development plans for the future

One to Watch:
Lola Mayeras

Ceramicist and fashion designer Lola Mayeras tells us about the influences behind the creation of her whimsical clay universe

John Dawson

John Dawson takes us through the techniques and processes he uses to make an agate ware bottle in three pieces

Glaze Recipe:

Nichola Dalton shares the recipe she uses to create her nature-inspired turquoise glaze

Curator's Choice:
- Dr Yupin Chung

Dr Yupin Chung, Curator of Chinese and East Asian Art at The Burrell Collection, chooses a piece from the new display of Jun Ware in the Colour Gallery, which is a unique gallery of Chinese ceramics