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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 318



Our round-up of key stories from the world of ceramics

Daring to be different
- Jessica Browne

Ann Van Hoey is an expert in combining traditional and modern, pushing the boundaries of her practice. CR’s Jessica Browne spoke to her to discover more


CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramic exhibitions

The adventure of pottery
- Natalie Baerselman le Gros

Natalie Baerselman le Gros visits the new Lucie Rie exhibition that conducts a fresh appraisal of the artist’s life and work

Celebrated Potter
- Colin Martin

Colin Martin reviews a new book about one of the UK’s best-loved potters, Dame Lucie Rie

Potters on Pots:
- Lowri Davies

Welsh traditions and her grandmother’s pottery collection, including a ceramic cockerel, have influenced Lowri Davies’ approach to her practice

Sense of scale
- Rory Robertson

Working with clay since 1989, Rory Robertson finds out more about Abigail Ozora Simpson and her large-scale sculptures

Potter's Secrets:
- Peter Bodenham

Peter Bodenham shares the inspiration and making processes behind one of his raw-fired stoneware bowls

Clay: sourcing an alternative
- Dr Wendy Gers

Clay: sourcing an alternative

Clay Dynasty
- Inga Walton

Inga Walton visits a major exhibition in New South Wales, Australia, that reviews the progession of ceramics on the continent over the past 70 years

Music and making
- Akira Satake

American-based Akira Satake tells Jane Audas about how his background in music and his Japanese roots have inspired his work

One to Watch:
Asahi So

Ceramic artist Asahi So tells us about the influences that have helped him create his unique style of combining ceramics and copper wire

Tricia Thom

Tricia Thom takes us step-by-step through the processes she uses to throw and join a porcelain moon jar

Glaze Recipe:
Diana Ng

Designer and potter Diana Ng shares two of the glaze recipes she uses to create her Nocturne plates

Curator's Choice:
- Natalie Baerselman le Gros

Natalie Baerselman le Gros highlights a piece by Elizabeth Fritsch that has helped align ceramics with abstract art