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Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 328

July/August 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 328


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Our round-up of key stories from the world of ceramics

The quotidian life of an artist
- Beth Williamson

Beth Williamson caught up with Julian Stair to learn more about his practice and the interests that have led him to make his distinctive pots


CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramic exhibitions

Potters on Pots:
- Irena Sibrijns

Irena Sibrijns tells us about the influence visiting David Miller at his studio in France has had on her practice

It’s about love...
- Andre Hess

Andre Hess visits Instagram’s @a_cambridge_home to find out more about the owners and the ceramics that form part of their daily lives

A delicate balance
- Cormac Lehnen

Cormac Lehnen explores A Fine Line: Modern Makers at Pitzhanger Manor where the convergence of contemporary ceramics and glass illuminate Sir John Soane’s legacy

Mindful making
- Ashley Thorpe

The handbuilt ceramics of Gabriele Koch have changed significantly since she rose to prominence in the 1980s. Ashley Thorpe finds out why

The ABCs of XYZ
- Janet Abrams

Janet Abrams participated in Haystack’s first workshop on 3D clay printing and glimpsed the huge potential of digital ceramics

Potter's Secrets:
- Julian King-Salter

Julian King-Salter has been making hand-coiled pots since he was a child. He tells us more about the making process behind one of his latest creations

One to Watch:
- SaeRi Seo

Ceramic artist SaeRi Seo discusses how her fragmented porcelain pieces unearthed a means of catharsis

- Patia Davis

Patia Davis takes us through the processes and techniques she use to wheel throw and slip decorate one of her screw-threaded jars

Glaze Recipe:
- Peter Sparrey

Peter Sparrey tells us about his passion for glazes and shares two of his raku-fired recipes

Curator's Choice:
- Alex Walker and Ben Murrey

Alex Walker and Ben Murrey, from the Allen Gallery in Hampshire, have chosen a courseware jug made by Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie