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Ceramic Review Issue 327

May/June 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 154

Jul / Aug 1995

Lucie Rie 1902 - 1995

Potters, friends and colleagues pay tribute to this great potter

Byzantine Ceramics

Oliver Watson reviews a new book on these fascinating pots

Japanese Studio Crafts
- Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal looks at a new exhibition

Amazing Glaze
- John Chalke

John Chalke enthuses about glaze and glazing

Fumed Raku
- John Wheeldon

John Wheeldon outlines the methods and techniques of this intriguing process

A Lifesize Kiln
- Anthony Barrington Brown

Anthony Barrington Brown describes how he designed and built a kiln for firing lifesize figure sculptures

NCECA: Borderline Clay
- Shawn Irvin

Shawn Irvin Sims reports on this huge event

A Potter's Day
- May Ling Beadsmoore

May Ling Beadsmoore pots in Derbyshire